ATSI has developed proprietary computer programs that calculate basic
dynamic properties, durable Damage Tolerance, Finite Element Modeling,
vertical and lateral discrete and power spectral density gust loads,
symmetric and anti-symmetric steady-state maneuver loads of an elastic
airplane, static divergence, static aeroelastic corrections and control
effectiveness, dynamic level landing loads with arbitrary input load time
histories, and symmetric and anti-symmetric dynamic response of an
elastic airplane resulting from arbitrary control inputs, vibrations, flutter,
fatigue, performance, stability and control, flight analysis, and wind tunnel

The ATSI developed routines are divided into eight categories:

1. Calculation of basic surface characteristics.
2. Joining of the wing and tail surfaces with the fuselage.
3. Set up airplane equations of motion for dynamic loads calculations.
4. Airplane steady-state maneuver loads and 6 degree freedom airplane
maneuver and gust response/loads.
5. Airplane PSD gust loads.
6. Calculation of airplane aeroelastic characteristics and control surface
7. Airplane taxi and landing loads.
8. Airplane vibration and flutter.