ATSI utilizes it’s experience in design and design support, as well
as the technical requirements of a specific program, for the design tasks.
ATSI is capable of conceptual designs, preliminary designs, prototype designs,
mock-up designs, and production designs on a broad range of aircraft
components and systems.

ATSI utilizes the services of specialized consultants Aircraft Integration
Resources, Inc. (A.I.R.) for all of its design efforts. This network of
professionals provide ATSI with support in structural design,
mechanical systems, fluid systems, and electrical systems designs,
from the engines to the cockpit. Examples include:

I. Structure
-Nacelles and Pylons
-Aerodynamic Surfaces

II. Mechanical Systems
-Engine Bulid Up (EBU)
-Actuation Systems
-Fluid Systems
-Fire Extinguishing

III. Electrical Systems
-Distribution and Supply
-Indication and Annunciation