ATSI utilizes a network of professional aircraft consultants,
experts, and consulting firms for design and data analysis,
including data reduction, in all fields of aircraft design

I. Structure
-Damage Tolerance
-Vibration and Flutter
-FEM (Finite Element Analysis)

II. Aerodynamics and Controllability
-Field Length Performance
-Flight Handling and Quality
-Weight and Balance

III. Power Plant
-Ventilation and Cooling
-Rotor Hazard
-Fuel System
-Fire Protection

IV. Systems
-Failure Models and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
-Systems Safety Assessment (SSA)
-Fluid Performance
-Electrical Load Analysis
-Pneumatic and Anti-ice

ATSI also sub-contracts other professional services when
specific needs arise. One such company that is utilized is
RD Marwill and Associates.