ATSI was founded in 1979 by Mr. Mike H. Abla, who is a senior executive
with over forty years of industry experience involving all aspects of
aircraft design, modifications, testing, development, and certification.
Mr. Abla is a FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) and
consultant to major aircraft manufacturers and Industry related organizations.

The ATSI organization is composed of a series of key networked DERs,
specialists, and consulting companies, each contributing specific
capabilities and some of which also have support personnel available for
more specialized assignments.

ATSI's noteworthy achievements include the acquisition and/or complete
Engineering support of numerous FAA Supplemental Type Certificates (STC):
-Cessna Citation 500/501 Re-engine (design, test and certification)
-Learjet Tip Tank Cargo Conversion (design and certification)
-Learjet 35/36 Operating Weights Increase
(Max. Takeoff, Max. Zero Fuel, and Max. Landing) certification
-Tow Target Reeling Machines
-Learjet M35/36 Wing Hard Points
-Falcon 20 Cargo Door Installation
-Over 50 different jamming pods for Learjet M35/36
-Learjet M36 Tip Tank Extension (by 40 inches)
-Learjet M25 Emergency Exit Relocation and Class E Interior Mod
-Sabre M40 and M60 Life Extension using Damage Tolerance
-Citation III Take-off and Landing on dirt runways
-Boeing 727-100 Re-engine with RR TAY (under Dee Howard Co.)
-Stage III-Gulfstream II Thrust Reverser consultant
-Learjet 35 Special Mission
-Learjet 35 Power Upgrade
-Stage III Hushkit & TR
-Boeing 737 Support

Other noteworthy ATSI achievements include:

-Design, construction, and implementation of two separate close loop
fatigue systems used on Piaggio Avanti certification and
SIAI-Marchetti Jet-trainer S-211.
-International on-site training in the form of short courses in airplane design,
flight test management, FAA certification of Part 25 aircraft, structual
optimization, engine airframe integration, composite certification of commercial
transport, fatigue and damage tolerance, and vibration and aeroelastic
(flutter) methods.

ATSI has outstanding damage tolerance technical and software capabilities,
and certification experience. ATSI obtained the first ever STC on extending the
life of a pressurized airplane (Sabreliner 40 and 60 models) based on damage
tolerance without the manufacturers' support or participation. This STC was
obtained based on instrumented flight test program and analyses performed by
ATSI engineers and DERs.